Betsy DeVos’s crusade of oppressing students took another step forward. First, she targeted underprivileged children, then transgender students, then the disabled. Now she is targeting minority children, Black and Native American students.

An Obama-era rule goes into effect next year that ensures that minority students are not enrolled in special education classes at disproportional rates compared to other students. In many schools, Black and Native American students are often placed into these classes even if there is little reason for them to be there. Obama’s administration wanted to end this discrimination.

As  Politico reports Thursday, “noted that minority students — ‘particularly African-American and American Indian youth — are identified as students with disabilities at substantially higher rates than their peers.’ Minority students with disabilities are more likely than white students to be disciplined and pushed out of regular classrooms, the agency stressed. The rule sought to ensure that states are using a uniform approach to ensure minority students aren’t over-represented in special education. It was supposed to take effect in July 2018.”

According to Politico’s Caitlin Emma, DeVos wants to either delay or kill the rule entirely.


“It seems Betsy DeVos is on a mission to decimate basic protections for students at all levels,” said Senator Bob Casey on Twitter.



Forcing minority students into special needs class is just another way DeVos is trying to reinstate segregation, and make sure White students are placed ahead of everyone else.