Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration and building the wall is what rallied his supporters on the campaign trail. Since taking office, he is trying to deport as many as possible, even the “good hombres” he once promised would be safe. Trump wants to make it difficult for Mexicans to become legal immigrants. But if they are patient and deal with whatever new roadblocks and loopholes Trump plans to impose on the immigration process, Mexicans can come to America and fulfill their dream of working. In fact, they might even end up working for Donald Trump.

When he won Michigan during the primaries, Trump bragged about a winery he bought for only $6 million at auction (according to him, socialite Patricia Kluge bought it for $200 million).

The winery, outside of Charlottesville, VA, needs quite a large staff to produce the tremendous Trump wine to go with the charred-to-a-brick Trump steaks. And a good number of the staff are Mexican immigrants. As Kerry Woolard, the general manager of the Trump Winery, boasted to the Washington Post, “There were 3,500 visas last year,” Ms. Woolard said, “and of those 3,500 visas, we had 16 of them.” In fact, she plans on hiring another 23-30 Mexican workers through the H-2A visa program.

While Trump is threatening to staunch immigration, his own companies are profiting from them. So, either Trump is totally dishonest about his immigration reform ideas, or he’s working against his own interests.