President Trump is already under investigation for a number of alleged crimes by a number of government entities. Russian collusion scandal, money laundering, his obstruction of justice, and his witness tampering.

But now a new report asserts that we can add a very serious new alleged crime to the list: human trafficking.

Trump Model Management was long ago exposed as little more than a front for bringing in illegal immigrant girls and forcing them to work as models under deplorable conditions.

Political insider Claude Taylor says that according to his sources in the New York State government, “Trump Model Management being investigated for human trafficking.” It goes even further, as he asserts that the alleged human trafficking ring is yet another Trump Russia scandal, as it involves “senior Kremlin official Yuri Chaika.”

This source is apparently alleging that President Trump was involved in a form of sex trade, importing underage girls from Russia and then using them for the unimaginable. Obviously, President Trump remains innocent until proven guilty, and we haven’t seen any of this alleged evidence as of yet. However, if it is true, this could destroy not only Trump’s presidency, but also his freedom.

Even if Trump does try to pardon himself on federal crimes, which may not work to begin with, the president can not pardon anyone on state crimes. So if Trump is proven guilty in this reported new human trafficking investigation, he’d go down for that crime and there would be no way for him to stop it from happening.