The vice mayor of Broward County, Fla. slammed President Trump for his planned visit following the deadly mass shooting, calling it “absolutely absurd.”

“Him coming here, to me, is absurd. Him coming here is absolutely absurd, and he’s a hypocrite,” Mark Bogen told CNN Friday.

“How can you come here and talk about how horrible it is, when you support these laws?” Bogen continued. “This is a man who supports teenagers and other people [being allowed] to purchase assault weapons…and then comes down here and wants to act as though this is horrible and shouldn’t happen, but goes back to Washington and supports it. It’s hypocrisy.”

“I will be leaving for Florida today to meet with some of the bravest people on earth — but people whose lives have been totally shattered. Am also working with Congress on many fronts,” Trump tweeted.

In a speech Thursday, the president said making schools safer was a “top priority” for his administration.

Trump also focused on “the difficult issue of mental health” during his speech, but didn’t mention potential gun control legislation.