Many believe that Facebook’s days are numbered, as the shocking extent to which the privacy of its users is compromised comes to light.

“Since hitting its peak on Feb. 2, Facebook has lost an astonishing $100 billion in market capitalization,” reported the New York Times last week. “Its stock was trading midweek at close to $153 a share, a decline of nearly 22 percent.”

The social media platform is under fire for failing to protect user data, when up to 87 million of its users may have had their data accessed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Leaked document revealed that Cambridge Analytica used Duck Dynasty and Politico to sway Facebook users to Donald Trump.

Those ads were viewed billions of times, according to the document, and suggests Cambridge Analytica was able to monitor in real time how effective the messages were on different types of voters.

However, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t felt responsible; “You have control over the ads you see, and we don’t share your information with advertisers,” the careless statement said.

Facebook went even further in deliberately causing Americans to believe something that is not true by supporting Trump and his political positions.

This is not the first time Facebook has deleted Liberal pages critical of Trump from the platform, but it is the most aggressive – and potentially final – drop of the censorship hammer.

Facebook will reportedly delete thousands of more Anti-Trump pages in the following days.