An Instagram account apparently belonging to Florida high school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was dominated by disturbing images of a young man with a fascination for deadly weapons.

Cruz began using a new Instagram page in 2017, which has also been deleted, but has been confirmed to belong to him by the New York Times. In that page, @nikolascruzmakarov, he is wearing a Donald Trump campaign “Make America Great Again” hat. Makarov is the name of a Russian-made pistol.

In one photo, Cruz displayed various guns on a bed, along with body armor and wrote in the caption, “arsenal.”

CNN reports that a user named Nikolas Cruz left comments on several Youtube videos in which he talked about shooting people and violence.

Six months ago, he wrote, “Im going watch them sheep fall f*ck antifa i wish to kill as many as i can,” on a Youtube video titled “Antifa Gun Club.”

The teens who knew the gunman at the school were stunned. They described Cruz as an awkward “outcast”—someone who had trouble fitting in at Douglas High. But they never saw a mass murderer in the making.