Temple Taggart, a former Miss Utah, told The New York Times that President Trump (who once had partial ownership of the Miss USA organization) assaulted her when she was competing in the 1997 pageant when she was just 21 years old.

“He kissed me directly on the lips. I thought, ‘Oh, my God, gross,’” Taggart said.

“He was married to Marla Maples at the time. I think there were a few other girls that he kissed on the mouth. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s inappropriate.’”

Donald Trump responded to Taggart’s allegations in a statement to NBC News: “I don’t even know who she is. She claims this took place in a public area. I never kissed her. I emphatically deny this ridiculous claim.”

Former Miss Utah in another interview told CNN’s Erin Burnett on “OutFront” she had no political motivations in coming forward with her story, noting that she was a Republican.