Former Trump advisor, Roger Stone, says he is facing $1 million in legal fees.

He complained about the investigations into his conduct during a Friday interview with Tucker Carlson.

In the wide-ranging interview, Stone also lashed out at congressional investigators, slamming “surfer boy” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and claiming that CNBC got “bull-schiffed” by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Both Swalwell and Schiff are former prosecutors who serve on the House Intelligence Committee.

“What does this all cost you?” Carlson asked. “What does this investigation cost you?”

Stone began listing all of the investigations he is facing, including complaints about a “lawsuit in Miami from a Chinaman.”

“I could be looking at legal fees of up to $1 million dollars,” Stone predicted.

“I have no choice to go on Infowars, where I do a daily show, to come here, and to beg for money,” he said.

“You better be a Russian agent, I mean it,” Carlson replied. “I hope you’re a Russian agent, otherwise this really is a miscarriage and an assault on the civil liberties of all of us.”