GOP consultant said Fox News host “Judge” Jeanine Pirro should have joined her husband in prison.

A Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus bashed the former elected judge of the Westchester County Court, whose then-husband was convicted of income tax fraud in 2000.

But Jacobus suggested Pirro had broken the law by plotting with former city Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik how to secretly record her husband to see if he was cheating.

She also said the former judge and district attorney should have been caught up in the same case that landed her former husband in prison.

“Pirro’s husband went to prison for tax fraud and she should have, too,” Jacobus said. “She signed the fraudulent tax returns, then claimed she didn’t know they were fraudulent. She was DA at the time.”

Pirro appears regularly on Fox News, where she defends Trump and attacks Hillary Clinton and the president’s other political enemies as criminals.