Once again, Fox News proved to be nothing more than a Trump propaganda show, saying that Americans need to stop asking questions about the doomed Niger mission that the president authorized, in which four soldiers died.

According to Brian Kilmeade, “it seems like people looking for some type of scandal.” He even mocked Americans for wanting to know the extent of our military presence in Africa, saying “I need to know how many troops are in West Africa? Really?”

All Americans need to know, according to the “journalist,” is that “Al Qaeda, al-Shabaab, ISIS are fanning out there and they’re doing it not for fun but in order to train others to stop terrorists from eventually coming over here.” After that, they need to shut up and stop trying to hold Trump accountable.

Trump refused to talk about it, even said the widow of one of the four men lied about their phone call. He has created multiple scandals out of one.

The main job of a journalist to get the Truth to the Americans people, but Kilmeade is actually purposely trying to get in the way of that.