Many Americans are wondering if Republicans are transforming into Nazis. But for Michael Karkoc, it’s the opposite— he was a Nazi who became a Republican.

A man that Poland’s war crime prosecutors said they were “100 percent” had commanded an SS company, and ordered his men to raze two Polish villages, killing 40 civilians. He fled Poland, and they are trying to get him extradited from America as AP reported, Karkoc commanded his men to “liquidate all the residents” of the village of Chlaniow, Poland.

Karkoc is also a significant contributor to the GOP. Just since the AP published their profile on Karkoc in 2013, the Nazi fugitive contributed almost $4,000 to the Republican National Committee. As his son, Andriy, told the Daily Beast, Karkoc has been a “lifelong Republican.” Andriy went on, saying that his father supported the Republicans because they “oppose communists…Under FDR, the White House was penetrated by Soviet agents of influence.”

He also wasn’t’ a fan of how the AP portrayed his father:

“The fact that he donated in 2014 has nothing to do with the lies and slanders about my father…the Associated Press said in the third paragraph of their original scandalous story slandering my father that the records do not show that [he] had a direct role in war crimes.”

However, the AP had documented evidence of Karkoc’s involvement—there’s also Karkoc’s memoir, where he says he helped start the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion SS Unit. Several members of unit “ the Ukrainian company he commanded massacred civilians,” the AP wrote, “and suggest that Karkoc was at the scene of these atrocities as the company leader.”

98-year-old Karkoc on his federal campaign contribution record, he’s listed as a carpenter. But his age means little to Polish prosecutors, who say that “age is not a factor when it comes to bringing anyone to justice.”

A lot of wannabee Nazis support the Republicans. Karkoc is the real deal.