The only senators who are NOT supporting the new law are Republican men. Shocking.

The female senators on both sides of the aisle are working on legislation to overhaul the workplace sexual harassment rules in the Capitol, and the male Democratic senators have joined them in encouraging floor debate for the changes.

Democrat Jeff Merkley composed a letter to Mitch McConnell, signed by 31 male Democratic senators, that urges the Majority Leader to take action before lawmakers “lose all credibility in the eyes of the American public regarding our capacity to protect victims of sexual harassment or discrimination in any setting.”

Noticeably missing from the letter, however, are any signatures from Republican male senators. In fact, the only Republican male to show support for the Gillibrand-Cruz bill is Texas senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz was the GOP co-author for the bill, and a spokesperson for Cruz stated that the senator “has personally urged GOP leadership to mark up Gillibrand-Cruz, and he is working to get additional senators to sign the letter in support of the legislation.”

The bill would stop lawmakers from paying for their harassment or discrimination claims with taxpayer money, and instead require them to pay for those expenses out of pocket. It also eliminated the mediation requirement currently in place for Capitol Hill employees. The bill was conceived after several lawmakers were forced to resign or retire last year due to sexual harassment allegations.