The Republican tax bill is nothing more than a scheme to give billionaires more money at the expense of working Americans. It’s so unpopular that GOP waited as long as possible to  release the draft of what Donald Trump calls the “Cut Cut Cut Act.” Seriously. That’s what he wants to call it.

The top 1% have only gotten more prosperous in the last few decades; writing a bill that takes more from middle-class America and gives more to the richest Americans is illogical for economic, fiscal, and moral reasons.

“People with money save money, create jobs, create risk,” Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby said. “People with no money — I’ve been there — create nothing.”

Blaming the poor, they “don’t create” so they can’t contribute.

Shelby says that “people with no money…create nothing.” So if they had money, they could contribute and create. By his own logic, if money defines a person’s ability to create, Shelby should be lining up behind Bernie Sanders immediately. Instead, he wants to gut Medicaid and Medicare and give tax breaks to the rich.

For a guy who claims he’s “been there,” he sure doesn’t have any empathy for the people who still are there.