During his campaign, Donald Trump promised that the nation would win so much, we would “get tired of winning.” But in Terre Haute, Indiana, where Trump made that promise, nobody is suffering winning fatigue yet.

Viggo County voted heavily for him—and for the last century, this one county has voted in line with the winning President.

“Winning? I don’t get a sense that we are winning,” said Bart Colwell, the president of the Terre Haute Savings Bank. “I think his tone is pretty negative. His tone would not be a tone that most people in leadership would use.”

Many of Trump voters are tired of his combative attitude. “He can’t keep his mouth shut,” said Jim Hunter, an insurance agent who voted for Mr. Trump. “He is berating his own party. He needs every Republican vote on taxes. I wish that Twitter stuff would all just stop. I don’t even like to see him on TV.” He added, “I would have serious reservations about voting for him again.”

And while Donny is picking fights, he certainly isn’t winning much. “Tell me what he’s won,” said Bob Murray, a retired accountant. “He won on the Supreme Court nominee, but he hasn’t won on anything else.”

New York Times reports:

“Its economy is struggling. City finances are a mess. Markers of misery — lower family income, higher rates of smoking and obesity, surging opioid use — are many.”

Despite having “benefited from government programs, like disability payments and a stimulus grant under the Barack Obama administration that delivered a flood control project,” the voters “rail against Washington.”