Televangelist Jim Bakker encouraged his audience to send thank you notes to Donald Trump for his recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to move the U.S. embassy there.

“I want everybody to write him a note and thank him for what he did,” Bakker said, reporting that the White House has told him how much Trump loves to get encouraging letters from Christians.

He said that it is the prayers of Evangelicals which are sustaining Trump.

“It’s the power behind him, the prayers behind him,” Bakker said. “He’s wanting the prayers of the people. You know, people say, ‘Well, I don’t think he’s a godly man.’ Well, I’ll tell you what, he loves prayer, he loves God, he doesn’t want to murder any more babies in our country. Come on. Let’s give God a chance and God had him elected and the Bible says He puts up—God—and puts down the leaders. So we better obey our leaders and live under them in peace.”