In Las Vegas, convicts can now have their voting rights restored, but only on one condition—they vote to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.

In court transcripts obtained by The Nevada Independent, District Court Judge Susan Johnson is recorded telling at least two felons who pleaded guilty to felony charges to complete their probation requirements and “vote for Trump” in 2020.

In the report, she suspended a 28-month prison sentence for Gregory Galazin, who confessed to assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Johnson promised him that if he followed through with probation. “That way your civil rights would be restored and you would have plenty of time to vote for Mr. Trump on the next election, okay?”

To defendant Anthony Morris, who plead guilty to a felony charge, the judge said he should withdraw his plea and admit to a misdemeanor instead, and that “if you do everything I tell you to do you’ve got an opportunity to do some great things and possibly depending on the time you might be able to vote for Trump in the next presidential election.”

According to the Nevada Independent, “multiple criminal defense attorneys” confirmed that Johnson said this to at least four defendants.

It’s almost ironic that Judge Johnson tells these defendants that they will get their civil rights back, considering that they just have to agree not to exercise those rights.