Khalid Masood, who on Wednesday carried out a terrorist attack in London, during the war in Bosnia was a member of a notorious of the “El Mujahid”. There is a list of 1,774 fighters of the “El Mujahid”, including Masood.

The source says Masood came as an Islamic “holy warrior” in Bosnia on 1 May 1993 when he joined the Arab soldiers from the detachment which was under the command of the Third Corps of the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As stated, he was at the beginning of the nineties radicalized by the known Wahhabi leaders, Abu Hamza al-Misri and Omar Bakri Mohammed.

It is the people who at the beginning of the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina played a crucial role in the formation of the infamous ‘El Mujahid’ who acted within the Third Corps of the so-called BH Army and made “famous” by the massacres against captured Christian civilians and soldiers” writes “Blic” citing sources intelligence and security structures.

Almost all major terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States have a connection with Bosnia and Herzegovina – or the terrorists involved in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This is the legacy that left after the Bosnian war. Psychopaths of various kinds were brought there to create an Islamic state. The last terrorist attack in London is just another in a series of evidence which has led us such a policy.” – said security intelligence source.