The days of the Malibu United Methodist Church providing dinners to homeless people are ending, all because the city pressured them into ending the program for fear of attracting the needy to an affluent area.

“This is very sad for us; we’ve been enjoying these friends for more than three years,” said the Rev. Sandy Liddell, the Methodist church’s pastor.

After two decades of religious groups, private donors, and the city funding social workers to help find housing and services for the homeless, the city now wants to turn them away.

Right-wing Christians in online forums labeled the Malibu Christians as liberal hypocrites.

Mayor Skylar Park denies ordering the meals to end, apologizing for “miscommunication.”

“I just think we need to treat people like our brother and don’t look where they came from,” Kay Gabbard, one of the meal organizers, said later. According to Peek, the city wants to work with volunteers to find a solution. “I will stand by the fact that everyone up here is compassionate about everyone in the community,” he said.

For now, more than 200 homeless people don’t even have a shelter to go to.

You can read the entire report at the Lost Angeles Times.