Mariah Carey supposed to perform two of her hit songs, Emotions and We Belong Together, but suffered through a performance dissaster in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, having big trouble to reach notes and to sync the lyrics and music.

“We can’t hear,” she said in the opening seconds of “Emotions”.

Carey was unable to hear her own song track, ultimately giving up on “We Belong Together and standing on the stage with closed mouth and a hand on her hip.

She seemed to got back everything under control at first with “We Belong Together,” but then appeared to be another malfunction, and Mariah again stopped singing. But this time, the prerecorded track kept playing. At that point she did not know what to do.

Mariah Carey won five Grammys out of 34 nominations over the years and this was an epic meltdown for the pop diva, in front of the millions gathered to watch the ball drop in Manhattan.

“It just doesn’t get any better,” Carey said, and then left the stage.

“Unfortunately there was nothing she could do to continue with the performance given the circumstances,” the spokeswoman, Nicole Perna, told The Associated Press.

After the performance, Mariah Carey wrote on twitter: “Have a happy and healthy new year everybody! Here’s to making more headlines in 2017.”

ABC Representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Sunday.