So far, several women have accused president Trump of sexual misconduct. And these incidents are not just allegations – Donald Trump himself has admitted—on tape— that he, indeed, did the things he’s being accused of.

In this particular case, he openly admitted to kissing NBC reporter Katy Tur without her consent before an episode of “Morning Joe.” Now, she is talking about it.

During a recent interview, Katy Tur addressed the incident.

“I think you might have been the only one that the president kissed during the campaign,” an interviewer remarked.

“He doesn’t know the boundaries of things. He doesn’t consider the boundaries,” Tur replied.

Tur continued: “This was Morning Joe, we were in New Hampshire. It was early on in the campaign, it was November 2015, and it was the day after the Wisconsin Milwaukee GOP debate. I get off stage – off set – I’m standing in the hallway, Donald Trump walks in.

“You’ve seen him walk, he kind of bounds, he barrels, the flaps of his jackets kind of wave. And, suddenly, he sees me and goes directly towards me, puts his hands on his shoulders and gives me a kiss on the cheek. And I froze.”

“It’s not that I’m not used to people giving me a kiss on the cheek. That happens all the time, but those are my colleagues, those are my friends, I’m in a social setting. They’re not people that I’m covering in my job; they’re not a presidential candidate that I’m covering. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, my bosses are never going to take me seriously.’ I remember trying to find the senior producer of Morning Joe, to see if the cameras might have caught that moment. And I did, and the senior producer said no.’”

“Then Donald Trump is talking to Joe and Mika and I hear my name. ‘What happened to Katy? She was so great. I gave her a big kiss.’ And I was just like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding,’” Tur concluded.