21-year-old William Edward Atchison opened fire on a New Mexico school, killing two students before committing suicide. Atchison had a long history of Neo-Nazi and Pro-Trump views, detailed from his online history.

He was a frequent visitor to the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, and the Encyclopedia Dramatica, a satirical version of Wikipedia, where, as a moderator, he often posted pro-Trump commentaries on the front page.

The 21-year-old Trump supporter also had a history on the gaming platform Steam. In a review for the game “Doom II,” Atchison wrote “LOLumbine” When it came to the game Wolfenstein, a game where people fight Nazis, he wrote, “I find this game highly offensive for featuring mass murder against your own race.” He said, “RIP Hitler” in another review.

“Suicides are ignored,” Atchison wrote online using the name Vance Stone about the suicide of someone he called a friend. “Suicidal people who commit mass murder, however, get the entire world’s attention, garner thousands of fans/fangirls, become a household name and become celebrities.”

Atchison also went by “Future Mass Shooter” and “School Shooter.”

The FBI took an interest in him in 2016, when he asked people on a gaming forum how to buy a “cheap assault rifle”—which he claimed was a joke.

Rise of the nationalists in the country may get worse, considering Donald Trump refuses to condemn them.