Swedish 88-year-old granny has admitted sleeping with over 3,000 migrants in the past 5 years to “help them integrate better” to their new country of adoption reports the Dagens Nyheter.

Olga Ulvskog believes sex can be used as a tool to help migrants integrate themselves fully into Swedish society.

“I realized these young men were bursting with sexual hormones which caused a lot of tension within their social interactions.”

“If every Swedish woman would take at least one migrant into her bed, there would be less violence and rapes in our society,” she told reporters.

Since her husband passed away in October of 2012, Olga admits she had been very lonely and needed something more in her life.

She started volunteering in refugee organizations and quickly realized what lacked most to these people was close intimate human relations.

“Muslims are all circumcised, so there is practically no risk of any HIV infection,” Olga said.

Olga has also become kind of a celebrity in Swedish refugee camps.

“Everybody knows Miss Sharmuta” acknowledged Ahmed Samir, a 26-year-old refugee from Libya.

“The Syrians affectionately call me Miss Sharmuta, a term which refers to kindness or benevolence” she admits, visibly proud.

Although some experts argue the term Sharmuta is Arabic slang for the word slut or whore, Olga dismisses this as a misunderstanding.

“The Arabic language is very complex, one word can have many meanings,” she says.

Reporters ask her about how she started the experiment, and she explained it was a step-by-step progress.

“I started with one young migrant and invited him to sleep with me. I then told him to ask his friends and family if they knew anyone who would want to repeat the experience and since that day, I’ve had regular visitors every day of the week.”

The 88-year-old Olga Ulvskog has also tried to recruit other women to help her in her mission.

“I have a few friends who have tried it out, but it’s clearly not for everybody,” she admits.

“At first I’d get tired after two or three men in a day, but I learned to be more resourceful with my hands and mouth and can easily deal with a dozen a day now,” she acknowledges, visibly dedicated to her work.

Since her interview with the Dagens Nyheter was published, Olga has been banned from all the refugee organizations she was volunteering for because of her “improper conduct” but says she will continue her work and plans on opening a web site soon to promote her sexual integration of migrants agenda.

Source: www.worldnewsdailyreport.com