Former President Obama, speaking in private this week, extolled what he said was the drama-free nature of his White House and said it was a “low bar” now to avoid embarrassing presidential scandals.

It was a veiled but distinct jab at the current occupants of the White House, who have a tumultuous year since the Obama family departed.

“We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us,” Obama said during closed-door remarks in Boston on Friday. Audio of the private speech — delivered to hundreds of people attending a sports policy conference — was obtained by the magazine Reason and published Monday.

“I know that seems like a low bar. Generally speaking, you didn’t hear about a lot of drama inside our White House,” Obama added.

The oblique reference to President Trump was one part of a lengthy speech the former president delivered at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference last week. Attendees were told “the remarks were strictly off-the-record and that recording or reporting on them wasn’t allowed,” CNN reports.

According to the audio obtained by Reason, Obama stuck largely to his post-presidential talking points, including bemoaning people who claim climate change doesn’t exist.

“I can’t have that same debate with somebody who just holds up a snowball in the middle of the Senate chamber in winter and says, ‘look there’s no climate change because it’s snowing!’ Which happened by the way. I didn’t just make that up,” he said, referring to a 2015 speech by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma.

Barack Obama also expanded on the role social media platforms play in spreading fake news and false information, saying the US firms had a responsibility to reckon with their own responsibilities.

“I do think the large platforms — Google and Facebook being the most obvious, Twitter and others as well, are part of that ecosystem — have to have a conversation about their business model that recognizes they are a public good as well as a commercial enterprise,” he said.

“They’re not just an invisible platform, they’re shaping our culture in powerful ways.”