Pastor endorsed by Joel Osteen, was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the exchange case, which involved bribery and use of a long-established church credit union. Pastor Trevón Gross is the third person to be sentenced in the case.

The founder of Hope Cathedral in New Jersey was sentenced to five years in prison and a 12,000 USD fine for his role in the case.

He played a key role in enabling his co-defendants to operate an unlicensed crypto-currency exchange,, by allowing the two other men access to his church’s credit union.

Pastor Trevón Gross of Hope Cathedral, authorities maintain, as Chairman of the Board for the church’s Hope Federal Credit Union handed over effective operations of the bank to two Florida men while receiving upwards of 150,000 USD in bribes. The Pastor insists he believed the money to be donations.

According to the church’s website as of this writing, he maintains “degrees from the University of Virginia, Duke University and further graduate work at Harvard University.” No mention is made of his involvement with nor the surrounding legal troubles.

He is well-known in Prosperity Gospel circles, appearing on the Trinity Broadcast Network, and was endorsed, shortly before the present scandal law enforcement began investigating, by noted televangelist Joel Osteen.