Televangelist Pat Robertson calls for replacing the Constitution with the Bible as the law of the land.

Americans have the freedom to practice whatever religion we choose and prohibits the government from establishing a state sponsored religion.

For over 220 years, the Constitution had been the foundation of our government and legal system. In the last 70 years alone, conservative “Christians” have made every effort to turn America from a religiously neutral nation of laws into a theocracy.

During his 700 Club program, the televangelist claimed that freedom will be lost if Americans don’t accept biblical law right now. He also claimed that biblical law has always been the foundation of the United States.

“This country was raised as honoring the Bible, how far have we come now where we have allowed a few atheists to destroy the very foundations of our culture and we’re in danger of losing all of our freedom because our freedom rests, ladies and gentlemen, rests on the word of God,” Robertson said.

Robertson said God is why we have rights and why we have justice and that now accepting the Bible as the law would amount to giving up our freedom and guaranteeing injustice. Robertson then claimed America would transform into a brutal dictatorship unless we trash the Constitution and surrender to biblical law.

“You take away the Bible and you have the Nazis and you have the Communists and you have the dictators and you have evil rampant. America is still a Christian country but is far, far, far away from where it used to be,” Robertson concluded.