Trump is accused of being a “chronically unfaithful husband” in Michael Wolff’s explosive new book.

It is just the latest revelation from Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House that has dominated the news agenda all week. Wolff claims the president called Melania a “trophy wife”and took pleasure in bedding the wives of his friends.

The author also says Melania was “inconsolable” during Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 after malicious rumors and old nude photos from her modeling career were published across the globe.

“Inconsolable, she confronted her husband,” Wolff says. “Is this the future? She told him she wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Fire and Fury was rushed on sale Friday, five days ahead of its original publication date, after Trump’s lawyers tried to block its release.

On Friday night, Donald Trump called Wolff a “total loser” on a Twitter.

The first lady’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, told CNN Friday that the claims inFire and Fury are false.

“The book is a work of fiction. It is a long-form tabloid that peddles false statements and total fabrications about Mrs. Trump. In short, it’s irresponsible and yet another ‘journalist’ looking to profit off the Trump family and this administration,” said Melania’s communications director.