Beattyville, Kentucky voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump a year ago, spurring CNN to travel to the small town to get the residents’ opinions on how the president did in his first year.

“He’s not the man I thought he was,” said David Coomer. He voted for Obama twice before switching parties and voting for Trump last year. “He’s overbearing, and he’s not getting nothing done.”

When Poppy Harlow said that Donald Trump claims he has a list of major accomplishments, he brushed it off. “He talks a good talk, but can he walk the walk?” he said. “He said he’d put everyone back to work.”

Unemployed, he relied on his father’s VA benefits to take care of his sick mother. Coomer also estimated that “at least 30%” of able-bodies Beattyville citizens were jobless. He’s disappointed that Trump hasn’t kept his promise that he would create more jobs at livable wages.