President Trump broke a 144 year streak in this Kentucky town, when the residents of Elliot County voted against the Democratic candidate, choosing Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton.

Most of them said they voted for Obama twice. Many of them wanted what other Trump voters wanted which was a change from politics in Washington.

“The government has mostly forgotten about people like us,” Judy Pennington accused. “When Donald Trump said he was for the little people, I thought he was talking to me.”

Many of these Trump voters are living in the poorest town in America. One such town is Beattyville, Kentucky that voted overwhelmingly for Trump but don’t seem to understand his policies. For instance, Melissa Allen claims, “I’ve lived in poverty my entire life. There’s really no hope. I don’t understand why the minimum wage here can’t be raised. I don’t get that. I hope it gets better. I really do, but I just don’t want to live on false hope.”

In fact, the minimum wage was the main concern. “Have you ever tried to live on $7.25 an hour?  It was horrible,” Donna Coomer described, but she still thanks God for Trump’s win.

Other reasons many residents of Elliot County supported Trump was he aligned with their conservative ideals. As one of them reasoned, “The reason I voted for Trump,” Marvin Adkins says in a CNN piece, “is because Hillary was for killing babies, for a man marrying a man, women marrying women, she wasn’t for the coal.”