Poverty-stricken Trump supporters are being kicked off their land to make way for the wall. The construction of Donald Trump’s border wall could force thousands, to sell their property to the government.

These people that live along the Mexican border stand a chance to lose a significant chunk of their private land and be forced to sell it to the government for significantly less than what it’s worth.

If the president builds a “great, big beautiful wall” over larger portions of the border as he has vowed, there will likely be thousands more landowners going to court to stop the take-over or to get a better price for their land, experts say.

“Someone asked me what heaven would look like? And you know what I said? River Bend.” said Pat Bell, who moved there from Kansas two decades ago.

When the government built the border fence years ago, River Bend presented a thorny problem, the results of which can be seen today: The fence goes right up to the edge of the resort on both sides, but leaves a large gap in-between.

The fence would have bisected the resort.

“If it did that, 70% of our property would be on the south side of the wall,” said Jeremy Barnard, general manager of the resort. “That would affect 15 of our 18 holes of the golf course and over 200 residences.”

Bell said she’s a Trump supporter, but thinks his policy is misguided when it comes to the border. Fences and walls, she said, don’t work. And, she’s willing to go to court over her property. “You hate to say it,” she said, “I will get a lawyer if it comes to that.”

Loops’ property, which runs along the Rio Grande, is south of the border fence about two miles away. The Loops gain access to the US through a gate that is always locked.

Like so many other ranchers, the Loops were shocked to learn that the government wanted a part of their property.

Federal authorities initially offered the Loops $10,100 for their land.

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