Donald Trump is on a racist roll lately. From mockingly referring to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” in front of Native Americans, to sharing fake videos of Muslims committing small acts of violence, he’s been having a fun week.

Trump made fun of our allies in Asia, impersonating them in a way almost as offensive as his classic “Bing Bong” moment.

The president began complaining about countries the U.S. provides military protection for. From past remarks, we know he means Japan. “Why are we defending them? I won’t mention names. We love them. They’re wealthy.” He continued, “A lot this was from many many years ago”—World War II—“when we defended a defeated country, and then they became stronger and became richer, and we just kept the same defense. What happened? Why didn’t anyone go in and negotiate?”

He continued: “When I was in Asia, I spoke to a couple of the countries about it, and they looked like this. You know what this is?” Trump then hunched his shoulders, nodded his head, and made “mmm” sounds. “That means they know they’re getting away with murder!”

In one week, he’s attacked Native Americans, Asians, Muslims, and Black people.