Pro-Trump YouTubers “Diamond & Silk” appeared on Fox and Friends in a five-minute segment of contradicting statements and ridiculous attacks against Liberals and unconditional praise for Donald Trump, along with a healthy dose of bashing Hillary Clinton.

The Youtubers dismissed Clinton’s book “What happened” as “Trump happened,” and that “it’s sad that she don’t even realize that he happened, he won.” If she didn’t realize that Trump won, Clinton probably wouldn’t have written a book about why she lost. They went on to say “She was a terrible candidate, she didn’t have a message, she didn’t resonate with the American people.”

Diamond & Silk moved on to praise the president, declaring, “We love him because first of all, he’s our president.” Many people would be surprised to know that we live in a country where simply being president means that people should love you—and nobody told that to Fox News for the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

He could be living the good life, but he decided to put that on the back burner,” Silk said before saying that “our first lady Melania Trump loaned…her husband to Americans, to the American people, so that we could make this country great again.”

Diamond claims that if people did these things to Obama, they would be fired. Then she mixed up her metaphors, saying “They will reap what they sow, you might not pay what you owe,” but that everyone criticizing Trump and the White House “will reap what they sow.” Which completely negates the earlier sentiments that Americans are allowed to disagree.

Then they moved on to a poll in which a low number of liberals said they were proud to be Americans, and 20% of liberals said they wanted to live in another country.

Diamond & Silk said that the left is “trying to destroy this country” by wanting to institute “globalism and socialism,” the way pretty much every first world country already does. But according to her, “They want us to live in a third world country.”