Politico is reporting that billionaire GOP donor Mike Fernandez is disappointed with how the Republican Party is acting these days that he is finished giving money until they get their act together.

“All the Republicans who hide behind the flag and hide behind the church, they don’t have the f—— balls to do what it takes,” Fernandez told POLITICO Florida in a telephone interview on Thursday.

Mike Fernandez, a Miami-area resident, has long been a political rainmaker and donor, spending $3.5 million in ads against Trump in 2016 alone, and about $3 million backing Jeb Bush’s bid for the White House.


“If I was the doctor and knew what that baby would do, I’d have made sure it never would have seen the light of day,” he said of the president.

Fernandez also said that Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott “is emotionless” and only cares about “self-advancement.” Being a Republican billionaire mega-donor normally makes you one of the heads of the Republican Party. However, Fernandez grown disenchanted with the direction of political leaders at both the state and federal level. He left the GOP due to Trump.