Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been avoiding media since allegations of sexual misconduct were made by the Washington Post, appeared on Monday on the radio show of Bryan Fischer.

Fischer claims that all the allegations against him had been debunked. Not surprisingly, Roy Moore agreed, and portrayed himself as the victim of dirty politics: “What they’ve done to me is not only unforgivable, it’s just pure hatred, and it’s pure spite and it’s pure evil and wrong.”

He said that people in the Washington establishment “do not want me to take the truth of our Constitution and our God to Washington, D.C.” He said the attacks on him are evidence that “immorality permeates every aspect of our society” and the only way to bring back morality is for the country to acknowledge that Almighty God is the “true source” of morality.

The two very happy for President Trump’s full-throated endorsement-by-Twitter on Monday morning, but Fischer said he has been “deeply disappointed” that even some conservative Republicans he respects have “ditched” and “abandoned” Moore.

He did not name names, but presumably he’s talking about people like Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who had endorsed Moore but then withdrew their support. Moore said some people are weak and just want to preserve their reputations, power and prestige.

The radio host brought up George Soros, saying that he is funding efforts to get former felons registered to vote.