The Republican front-runner for the Alabama Senate seat Judge Roy Moore has been left totally broken and bitter after losing the special election to his opponent and Democrat Doug Jones.

“He is bitter, broken, angry and in total denial. He refuses to concede and continues to peddle conspiracy theories that the election was rigged,” said a source who has worked on Moore’s campaign trail.

“These things happen, you win some, lose some but life goes on. It’s high time Roy Moore moved on from his loss however hurtful it may be and he can run another year , another time,” said the source who would not give his name for fear of backlash.

Roy Moore has spoken to his supporters and claimed that the election was rigged and has refused to concede defeat even after the president tweeted congratulating Doug Jones on his victory.

“What has happened is so unfair and we shall pray to God to help us challenge and overturn the results of the election. There needs to be another election,” said Moore who has completely refused to concede.

He also took the chance to lash out at the winner Doug Jones’ son on Facebook, trying to shame him for being homosexual.

Moore was the Republican front-runner and Trump’s favorite candidate.

However, reports of Moore’s private life including sordid details of him dating teenage girls while he was a lawyer in his 30s badly damaged his prospects.

There were reports that he used to spend hours hanging out in shopping malls in Alabama in order to meet teenage girls and in that regard a new report also surfaced that Moore had been banned from several shopping malls decades ago for his behavior.