Trump’s approval rating is stuck in the 30s, which means that a significant number of Americans who voted for Donald Trump last year are at least starting to regret their choice.

Sadly, many Americans in the same situation, who voted for Trump, can’t connect the President’s policies with their own sufferings. For instance, they don’t connect that while they want and need a higher minimum wage, the Republicans don’t—and Trump even suggested getting rid of it altogether.

He promised farmers that his desire to renegotiate NAFTA would help farms. But now, the agriculture groups from red states all across the heartland are starting to fight for NAFTA and consider it crucial to their industry.

Though they were warned about potentially losing most of the $17.9 billion in products exported to Mexico, the agricultural lobby was silent on president’s NAFTA plans. They believed that the Trump administration would work out some kind settlement on aspects of NAFTA, but leave agriculture alone.

But just like many other groups, they’re realizing that voting Trump might not have been in their best interests. the president is threatening to withdraw from the deal entirely, and farming groups are finding their pleas to save the trade agreement falling on deaf ears.

President Trump is making farmers, one of the groups he claims were “forgotten,” fight for their livelihoods. If this is what Trump is doing to the people he remembers, maybe people are better off forgotten.