Two days ago, Senator Rand Paul was brutally assaulted by his next-door neighbor suffering five broken ribs and a bruised lung.

Despite the fact that 59-year-old Rene Boucher, was charged with fourth-degree assault, and Boucher’s attorney clarified that the altercation was over something “trivial” and had nothing to do with politics, Rush Limbaugh still used Paul’s assault to claim that Democrats and liberals were terrorists. He made sure to point out that Boucher is a “leftist,” then mentioned the Texas shooter, the NYC attack, and reports that employees at EPA have received threats.

“Now, folks, is it any wonder that Republicans might be a little skittish?” Limbaugh noted. “Above and beyond their fear already of the media, which of course is not a fear of violence against them. It’s a fear of being destroyed in the media if they dare stand up for what they believe in.”

Limbaugh then claimed that the “left is encouraging this kind of activity” and that “All of this is applauded, and in the driveby media, while it may not all be applauded, it is certainly treated with respect.”

“And I’m just going to tell you, terrorists do not always just come from Uzbekistan,” he said. “They don’t just come from Afghanistan. They don’t just come from Al Qaeda. Sometimes, terrorists come straight from the Democrat party, straight from the American left.”

Limbaugh might be the first conservative to stop screaming “mental health” and label every liberal as a potential terrorist.