Someone sent Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin a giant gift-wrapped box of horse manure for Christmas.

According to NBC, a L.A. Department bomb squad responded to a Bel-Air neighborhood Saturday night due to a suspicious box addressed to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

His neighbor received a suspicious package addressed to Mnuchin, according to the LAPD. The package — which contained horse manure — was dropped off at a neighbor’s house. It was cleared by investigators around 8 p.m.

Police investigated a giant holiday wrapped box. Multiple law enforcement sources told NBC that officers unwrapped the box to discover it was filled with horse poop.

A Christmas card was also inside the package, making some reference to Mnuchin and President Trump, NBC reports. The card did not contain a threat, but there was some kind of negative reference to Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax overhaul.