Ever since President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, in a move that he felt would take the “heat” off of him, things have been getting worse for him. Just this week, Mueller officially started investigating Trump for obstruction of justice.

Now it’s being reported that Mueller had issued subpoenas for Trump’s personal bank accounts and phone records. And unlike his tax returns, Trump can’t get around turning these documents in because of “audits.” If he doesn’t hand them over, he faces jail time.

Muller was already investigating Jared Kushner’s finances, as Trump’s son-in-law/adviser had numerous dealings with Russia. It could be possible that Kushner’s financial records prompted Mueller to look into other members of the Trump family, especially the man at the top. The investigation has moved from collusion with Russia, to include obstruction of justice, and now, as the Washington Post reports, Mueller is “looking at money laundering” from Trump’s closest people. These are most likely “financial payoffs” from Russians, transacted “through offshore banking centers.”

In the meantime, rumors still circulate that Trump is considering firing both Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. These threats will only give Mueller more reason to investigate Trump’s actions further, and why the investigation, and the development that Trump’s been issued subpoenas, are so public. Before Trump was officially being investigated, he was only considering getting rid of Mueller. Already, that was a move that many colleagues of Trump advised him not to do. When the news came out that he was definitely being investigated, Trump attacked Rosenstein as well, incorrectly saying Rosenstein was the investigator and not Muller.

With the subpoenas, Doald Trump doesn’t have any cards left to play. If he doesn’t turn the documents over, or tries to fire Mueller and Rosenstein, his lawyers have no case to say he wasn’t obstructing justice.

Source: www.leftscoop.com