Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen denied Friday that his client had a sexual relationship with Stormy Daniels in response to a Wall Street Journal report which claimed the president arranged a $130,000 payout to the adult film star to keep quiet about it.

On Tuesday, Slate published a piece appearing to support the Wall Street Journal settlement claims.

Slate’s editor-in-chief Jacob Weisberg said he received a tip about Trump and Daniels’s alleged tryst in the latter half of 2016, after Donald Trump officially received the Republican nomination for the presidential election.

Daniels is claimed to have told Weisberg that she was negotiating a settlement with Trump’s lawyer, Cohen, at the time to keep quiet about an affair with Trump. Daniels texted him a photo of an unsigned document relating to the agreement.

According to Weisberg, Daniels slept with Trump in his hotel room after meeting him at a celebrity golf tournament in July, 2006, at Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

Slate’s editor-in-chief claims this encounter was the start of a sexual relationship “which continued for nearly a year.”

Daniels said that Trump was bad in bed, though in not so many words. “She intimated that her view of his sexual skill was at odds with the remark attributed to Marla Maples,” he wrote, linking to a Reddit post featuring an old New York Post cover touting Trump’s ex-wife apparently saying: “Best sex I’ve ever had.”

”She didn’t allege any kind of abuse, insisting she was not a victim,” Weisberg said.

“The worst Trump had done, she said, was break promises she’d never believed he would fulfill,” Weisberg added, noting that Daniels claimed Trump wanted her to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice, which premiered in January 2008.