President Trump has criticized multiple intelligence agencies several times already in his first seven months, sometimes even seemingly taking the word of the Russian president Vladimir Putin over their’s. Recent analysis made by the former Deputy Directory of the FBI under Robert Mueller, Phil Mudd, seem to have shed new light into just how much the intelligence community may be against this President.

Mudd, who currently works as a counter-terrorism analyst for CNN, used quite harsh words in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. In discussing Trump, Mudd stated the following to Tapper:

“Let me give you one bottom line as a former government official. Government is going to kill this guy…. He defends Vladimir Putin. There are State Department and CIA officers coming home, and at Langley and Foggy Bottom, CIA and State, they’re saying, ‘This is how you defend us?’”

While it’s obvious that Mueller’s former deputy was not being literal in the sense that they were actually going to assassinate the President, Trump’s power to govern likely is in the process of being significantly undercut by the intelligence community.