Lynn Aronberg is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Republican and big fan of President Donald Trump. In a press release she said that she would be divorcing her rich husband, Dave Aronberg, a Florida state attorney and Democrat.

According to her statement, their political differences drove them apart, and Lynn’s love for President Trump made her feel “increasingly isolated in the marriage.”

They aren’t the first couple to get divorced over Trump. In a study conducted by Wakefield Research, one in ten couples, married and unmarried, ended their relationship because of political differences. The biggest group hit by the political divide are Millennials—22% of surveyed Millennials left a significant other because of partisan disagreements.

Another 24% of participants said that they had “disagreed or argued about politics more than ever” after Trump won the 2016 election. As well, 22% knew a couple whose relationship had been “negatively impacted specifically due to President Trump.”

While divorce rates in US have almost doubled since the 1990’s according to a March 2017 Pew Research report, Trump being a President seems to have boosted the numbers even more. In fact, if someone told him that 100 couples split up because of him, all he would hear is “50 people like me!”