“It’s a shame schools don’t teach the U.S. Constitution anymore. Appreciation for our 2A is lost when history is forgotten and ignored in favor of “feelings” 101. ” Tomi Lahren wrote on her Twitter profile.

The notable Trump supporter has been melting down about the #MarchForOurLives protests and taunting children who are protesting gun violence on Twitter.

Lahren also took some time to post a selfie to Insatgram. In the photo, Lahren poses with a gun in her yoga pants.

“Ladies, chances are your assailant is gonna be bigger, stronger and faster and that’s why you have @alexoathletica for your gun, your mace, or even your phone,” she says.

However, she accidentally shot herself and rushed to hospital. Apparently, Yoga pants don’t carry guns well.

Lahren’s packing pants appear to be part of a new athletic wear line aimed at women who like to bring guns with them to yoga.

“Alexo” has the motto “Carry With Confidence” and makes pants that can hold a small pistol and a knife.