Trump told the New York Times in 2005 that Graff Diamonds gave him a $1 million discount due to his fame on the engagement ring he gave to Melania, but the company’s chairman later denied the claim, reported Forbes.

“We don’t sell items for publicity value,” said Graff CFO Nicholas Paine.

Laurence Graff told Forbes via email that Donald Trump was “a pleasure to do business with,” but the Swiss billionaire said there were “no favors” on the emerald cut D-flawless diamond weighing more than 10 carats.

Trump paid for the engagement ring, which retailed for $1.5 million, immediately and in full, and also paid in full for a second Graff ring he gave to Melania to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

That engagement ring, which weighs 25 carats and cost $3 million, attracted attention after Melania posed with it for her official White House photo.

The ring cost as much as the federal government spends each year on programs such as Meals on Wheels.