During a televised discussion on Thursday to discuss school safety, Trump attacked Obama and all former presidents–for not doing more to prevent mass shootings.

The president stated that the nation needs to do something after the last massacre in Parkland, Fl. Trump also praised the NRA and put down Democrats in the process. “There’s a tremendous feeling that we want to get something done,” he said. “Including at the NRA, including with Republican [senators and congressmen], and hopefullyDemocratic senators and congressmen.”

He said that the Parkland shooting was “just horrible and praised himself for “listening” to survivors.

Then Trump claimed that nobody before him ever tried to prevent mass shootings; “I listened to their heartbreaking stories, asked them for their ideas, and pledged to them we will take action, unlike for many years where people sitting in my position did not take action. They didn’t take proper action, they took no action at all. We’re going to take action.”

However, Trump’s plan to end school shootings is to arm teachers with guns and give them bonuses if they are willing to shoot a child. Early on Thursday morning, he tweeted a self-contradicting post, complaining that CNN and NBC said that he wanted to give teachers guns…and then said that he wanted to give teachers guns.

Congress blocked Obama’s call for new gun laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting.