Trump Jr. had an affair with Celebrity Apprentice constant Aubrey O’Day in 2011. President Trump eldest son planned on leaving his wife Vanessa then so that he could start a second family with O’Day.

Don Jr. didn’t use protection when he committed adultery, because he was trying to get O’Day pregnant.

“Don told Aubrey he wanted to have a baby with her,” an insider told US Weekly. “They were trying for one.”

His wife discovered an email exchange between Don. Jr and O’Day, and called to confront her on the phone, with her kids present.

“He’d call Aubrey and leave long voicemails telling her he still loved her over and over,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He’d cry and say he was nervous his wife would take the kids away.”

The couple recently announced their divorce. Vanessa Trump filed for an uncontested divorce on March 15.

“We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families,” the estranged couple said in a statement to Us. “We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority.”

So far, O’Day doesn’t want to speak out about her relationship with Don. Jr.

“It’s not tasteful, and she isn’t desperate for some fame or attention, unlike every other woman that has been in her situation,” a source told Page Six. “She doesn’t kiss and tell and isn’t looking to hurt people.” TMZ did manage to get an unreleased video of O’Day covering Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” which contains some easy to spot references to Don Jr and his family, such as “you were scared to ruin your family’s name.”