Trump-loving pastor, Greg Locke, attacked porn star Stormy Daniels on Sunday while gloating that President Trump will still be sitting in the Oval Office despite her big “60 Minutes” interview.

“The funny thing is Donald Trump is still the President and she’s still a hooker,” the pastor wrote of Daniels on Sunday.

Locke added that God was using Trump to achieve divine ends despite the president’s past moral failings.

“People are like ‘if you support Trump you can’t be a Christian,’” he wrote. “Do y’all listen when you talk? Jesus hired a demon possessed traitor to handle his money for 3 years. He can use the President if He so desires. Take a seat people.”

His justifications for embracing the president despite his rampant past immorality did not sit well with many Twitter users.

People reacted how completely hypocritical it was for a Christian pastor to dismiss the president’s personal behavior while still dismissing the woman he had an affair with as “a hooker.”