Trump supporter on Friday accused Parkland survivors of being “compromised” by gun safety advocates.

During a CNN panel of gun owners, Jacob Engels said that the teenagers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were being forced to go on TV by gun control supporters.

“You have kids who should be grieving right now, and instead, you have adults who are putting them on national television,” he said.

“Hold on, this I have to object to,” Camerota interjected. “I’ve never seen more motivated people come to a camera and want to tell their story about what they demand now.”

“They are compromised!” the gun owner insisted.

“They are not compromised, they’re tired!” shot back fellow panelist Scott Pappalardo, a gun owner who was moved by the Parkland shooting to come out in favor of more restrictions on gun ownership. “They watched their friends die and you’re going to bash on them?”