Pastor Carl Gallups, who regularly spoke at Trump campaign rallies in 2016, says that it’s actually women who are “sexually assaulting men” by the way they dress.

While interviewing Mike Shoesmith, who wrote a response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal arguing that women who wear “sexually suggestive clothing around a man” are somehow legally guilty of sexual assault. The two right-wingers condemned sexual assault in any way, but they were especially critical of women who torture men by “walking around in their little sister’s skirt.”

“Men are visually stimulated and unwanted stimulation should meet the basic definition of assault,” Shoesmith said, insisting that women who dress in provocatively are “guilty of indecent visual assault on a man’s imagination, which does cause mental anguish and torment.”

“When a man sees a naked or partially dressed woman, a chemical reaction happens in his brain,” he continued. “Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are released, giving him an involuntary surge of pleasure. Notice the word ‘involuntary’ … Men are in a state of constant sexual assault by women who either don’t understand the severity of what they are doing, because it’s cute and they like the attention, or worse, they do know the feelings it stirs and like the control they have over men.”

Gallups followed up by complaining that if a man walked around the office “in a very sexually suggestive outfit,” that women would file sexual harassment claims. He wants to know, “why wouldn’t it be sexual assault” if a woman does it?

“We are just discussing what should be obvious,” Gallups claimed. “The science supports us in it.”

“Men are responsible for fighting off this chemical sexual assault in their brains,” Shoesmith agreed. “Men are responsible for fighting that off every day.”

“Yes, they are, absolutely,” Gallups concluded. “And women need to help the men.”