Trump supporter who dragged a black woman from her car in a bizarre racially-motivated attack and then spit on police officers has been found not guilty by reason of insanity by the Chesterfield County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Judge Lynn S. Brice reviewed materials from two mental health professionals — including one working for prosecutors — and ruled that the 27-year-old was not sane during the May 9 attack.

Matthew R. Ellis’s attorney Todd Ritter said that clinical psychologists Dr. Evan S. Nelson and Dr. Robert G. Gibby Jr. — the latter of whom was engaged by prosecutors — both concluded that Ellis suffers from bipolar disorder and was in the throes of an acute “manic episode with psychotic features” when the attack took place.

According to The Root, he pulled up alongside a black woman who was waiting to turn and began screaming at her.

The woman attempted to drive away, but Ellis followed her and rammed her car from behind. When the woman stopped her vehicle, witnesses say Ellis dragger her out from behind the wheel by her ankles and threatened to murder her.

“After initially refusing to answer any questions and keeping his eyes closed, Ellis began making obscene racial comments about the victim,” said “He stated he intended to kill the woman and again used a racial slur to describe her.”

When an officer asked him if he’d attacked the woman because of her race, Ellis responded, “Yes.”

Ellis has been an employee of the U.S. Army Food Management Information System at Fort Lee since 2008. He is currently on leave without pay and has been since the incident in May.