In a feature from the Daily Show with Desi Lydic, a Trump supporter laments that the Border wall Trump wants to build will destroy his business.

“I think Trump truly cares about the American people and what he campaigned on is stuff I believe in and agreed with,” Jeremy Barnard said.

“Except for the destroying your business part,” Lydic pointed out.

“Except for the destroying the business part,” Barnard agreed. “It just felt like it was time for something different.”

“Why are you complaining? He is literally doing the thing that you voted for,” Lydic asked.

“We figured it was a metaphorical wall.”

After clarifying Jeremy’s belief that Trump wouldn’t build a wall, even though as a candidate and now as a president, he kept saying it would be a real world, Lydic replied: “That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Later in the interview, Lydic asked that if he could go back, would he do anything different, considering he will lose his golf course if the wall is built.

But this Trump voter said he would still have voted for Trump anyway. In fact, the only thing he didn’t like about Trump was that he drove his golf course on the green.

Spending almost $30 billion on a wall that won’t work and will also destroy your livelihood, on the other hand, isn’t too bad, according to this Trump voter.